Names for blockchain.

Millions use blockchain today. But billions don’t.

To become mainstream, blockchain has to become easier-to-use and more powerful. That’s our mission.

The DNS maps the IP addresses used by the internet into the web addresses we use every day. Our dsDNS does the same for blockchain, replacing confusing hash addresses with familiar names. And we’re building it with the inventor of the DNS.

We’ve built a powerful platform to improve all of blockchain, and names is just the first step. We connect blockchains in parallel for more features, power and scale.

We have a clear path to market adoption. Our 360Accelerator brings the benefits of blockchain to business. We’re working with companies with strong track records and millions of customers who’ll use our names and platform, jumpstarting growth.  Join us!

Names for blockchain, on a powerful new platform.

Really want the details? Read our White Paper and learn how our names, innovative platform and experienced team is making the blockchain more personal and more powerful.

dsNames replace confusing hash addresses for the blockchain with familiar names, allowing you to send and receive tokens from names you recognize and trust.
With our 360Accelerator, companies can successfully leverage the power of blockchain and our platform for their business, efficiently.
dsLayer and dsLogic
We connect blockchains in parallel, unlocking more power, features and scalability for next generation dsApps.

XCO, the Coinweb token

XCO is used to buy and sell dsNames as well as to ensure a secure, scalable and smooth-running network.

Our Team

We’re passionate about our mission.


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Our Advisory Board

Experts who help guide our success.

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Paul Mockapetris

A true pioneer, Paul invented the Domain Name System (DNS) which today identifies all web sites on the Internet by a readable name. A graduate of MIT, he's worked at the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA/DARPA), Fiberlane/Cisco and He's served as Chair of the IETF and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences.

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Justin Banon

Physics graduate of Imperial College London, Justin is now undertaking a second MA in digital currency, specialising in commercially-sustainable decentralised business models. Justin has led billion dollar global loyalty platforms and is a blockchain strategy advisor to the CCEG Blockchain UN Lab.

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Christopher Darnell

A 20 year technology veteran, Chris has held leading finance roles for Microsoft Cloud, Office 365 and Xbox. Chris is a graduate of the University of Chicago and USC. Chris has also served as a board member for various early stage companies.

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Chris Blackhurst

Former Editor of The Independent and the London Evening Standard, Chris is an accomplished and award-winning journalist, national newspaper columnist and TV presenter. Chris is graduate of Cambridge University, Law.

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John Hunter Maxwell

John began his career at Xerox and went on to serve as CEO of Provincial Group and as Executive Director of Prudential Group. He's served on the board of Prudential Banking, Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Group, London Finance & Investment Group and Diageo. He is Chair of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh.

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Tom Yoritaka

Harvard educated, Tom is the former Global MD of Corporate Venturing at Cisco Systems, where he worked with early-stage startups innovating in IoT, AI, big data, cloud, cybersecurity and blockchain. His previous career highlights include executive and leadership positions at Yahoo!, Microsoft and The Boston Consulting Group.


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Our Roadmap

2H 2019 Test release
  • dsNames
  • XCO Tokens
  • Wallet for web
  • Transaction explorer
1H 2020 Production release
  • dsContracts
  • Hardware and offline wallet
  • dsExchange
  • Public API
2H 2020 v1.5
  • Dashboard
  • Third party wallet support
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Expanded blockchain support
1H 2021 v2.0
  • Expanded wallet support
  • Portfolio service
  • Retail payment support
  • Third party integration

News & Events

Featured News

Monaco Blockchain Conference

Monaco Blockchain Conference

Coinweb is proud to be a sponsor of the Monaco Blockchain Conference 2019, taking place at the end of May. This conference brings together some of the biggest and most experienced investors in blockchain to share what they’ve learned in the sector and what they anticipate for the future.

City AM piece on Coinweb

Another positive feature about Coinweb in the City AM today about our commitment to make the blockchain more personal, more connected and more mainstream…

Times of Malta covers Coinweb

Our CEO, Toby Gilbert talks to the Times of Malta about going horizontal to be innovative and remain current within the fast changing world of blockchain…

Interview with Alexander Kjeldaas

To offer some insight into what attracted people to the project, we are releasing a series of interviews with the Coinweb team…

You'll find us here

Coinweb is proud to sponsor the Vulcan Industries car in the Porsche Cup

  • Monaco
  • 26 Ma7 2019
  • --.--

Monaco Blockchain Conference 2019

  • Monaco
  • May 31st 2019

Nordic Blockchain Conference

  • Copenhagen - Dansk Industri
  • 16th November
  • --.--

Malta Blockchain Summit

  • St George's Bay, Malta
  • 1st - 2nd November
  • --.--

Coinweb Community Meetup

  • The Antelope, Eaton Terrace, London.
  • 15th October
  • 18:30 - 20:00

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit

  • Ibiza, Spain
  • 10th - 13th September
  • --.--

Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 7th-11th September
  • --.--

London Fintech Afterparty

  • Shoreditch, London
  • 12th July
  • 20.0.00 - late

Korea Blockchain Week

  • Seoul
  • 6-13th July
  • --.--

London Fintech Week

  • London
  • 6-13th July
  • --.--

The Europas

  • London
  • 3rd July
  • --.--

Blockchain Expo Europe

  • RAI, Amsterdam
  • 27-28th June
  • --.--


  • London
  • 22nd June
  • 14.00

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With dsNames, you can use familiar names on the blockchain, not unreadable hash addresses.
The dsLayer connects blockchains in parallel, for more power and more scalability.
Businesses can launch blockchain projects with our 360Accelerator, taking advantage of our powerful platform and guided by our experienced team.
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